What is The Trip Boutique?

The Trip Boutique is a virtual travel assistant with a human soul that plans your perfect trip around your tastes and preferences. Take some time to answer a few questions and let us do the rest. The result will consist of an individual one-of-a-kind set of recommendations based on your personal interests and preferences and will include options of things to do, see, places to stay, to eat, to go out, shop, stroll, do sports, and more. Everything suiting your personality.

Is The Trip Boutique a travel agency?

Not in the traditional sense of a regular travel agency. Just like a high-end travel agency, we design fully personalized trips based on your personality, interests and preferences. We deeply care about who you are and what you like and put together a unique experience that truly suits you. But differently from a high-end travel agency, we are fully online: fast, digital and way cheaper. We are bringing the experience of a personalized travel agent to you, the tech savvy internet consumer. It is all about saving your time, while connecting you with things you like, wherever you go

What is the difference between you and a regular OTA (online travel agency)?

We do the work for you! We cut through all the noise and save you time by matching you with the best places to stay, to eat and things to do. Our intelligent algorithm (our secret sauce!) allows us to match you with things you want to see and craft high-quality travel plans in no time.

Also, our recommendations are carefully selected from only the best a city has to offer - we won’t give you standard recommendations.

How will this make me feel like a local?

We rely on locals for updated recommendations on what to do and see in their city - all validated by other reliable sources and publications. This makes us able to provide you with all the hidden gems tourists don’t easily find, and makes it possible for you to have an authentic travel experience which is more real and genuine than trying to explore the city by visiting the Top 10 sights listed on the Internet.

Is every possible place in a city listed on The Trip Boutique?

No. We have a long list of criteria to assess if a restaurant, hotel, bar, café, shop, club, tour, museum, or other activity deserves to be recommended to you. We curate only the best for you, in terms of quality, authenticity, independence, etc., so that you only to experience the very best your destination city has to offer.

How is this better than a guidebook?

Our product revolves around you. You provide us with your interests, your passions and your restrictions. We take everything into account and provide you with a personalized trip plan. That is basically the same as a guidebook - only better and created specifically for you.

Why does The Trip Boutique cost €5 per day of travel?

An amazing trip is something that should not be stressful, but it requires lots of work in preparation. The Trip Boutique takes away this hassle and workload so that you can enjoy your trip, but we also have costs to provide this service, which is why we charge €5. Your time is worth a lot more than that!

Does The Trip Boutique provide independent recommendations?

Yes, we have no hidden agenda. The Trip Boutique makes fully independent recommendations that are based on one main criteria: how much it matches you.

Why then do you offer the hotel booking option over your platform?

We provide you the hotel booking option to make your life as easy as possible. We established an affiliate partnership with Booking.com to facilitate the booking process. Yes, we do earn commissions from bookings you do over our platform, but you can be sure that the recommendations are based on a combination of your profile and preferences and are fully independent.

What do I gain by using The Trip Boutique?

  1. Peace of mind.

    Imagine going to Paris with your significant other for the weekend and booking some chaotic, uncomfortable and out of your budget restaurant. That would for sure ruin the magic of your romantic escape and in addition you would waste your money on an experience you would have rather avoided. Now imagine going to the wrong club in Berlin, where you would have wanted to enjoy the night with your friends and meet new people and you find yourself in a place that doesn’t fit your music tastes or targets a different age range than yours. You would have wasted what could have been a fun night. Or imagine ending up with your family in a crowded, uninteresting and overrated museum in which you would have to spend hours in line before even getting inside. Wouldn’t you rather explore some local and hidden gems in the city and enjoy your unique and stress-free tour?

  2. Convenience.

    We save you time! Image what you could do instead of spending hours at home or at your destination looking for the right places to go to and things to do. You might be enjoying your free time without having to stress out about planning and comparing thousands of different options.

    Our fees include the tailor-made trip YOU are looking for, including, hotels, museums, activities for day and night time, restaurants, cafés, shops and so much more.

    You and your time are what we care the most about. Save it and let us make your trip worthwhile.

Why would I use your services when I can just browse the internet, search the top attractions and create my own itinerary?

The recommendations we give you are NOT run-off-the-mill standard Top 10 attractions. Instead, we provide a fully personalized set of recommendations that considers what you personally enjoy, your budget, your interests, your travel group, your favorite cuisine types and much more to offer, a service that truly revolves around you. In addition, the whole trip is designed for you by an expert offering insider advice and recommendations, while on the common travel advisor websites all you get is the crowd wisdom from people you don't know and who don't know you. Enjoy this power at your fingertips!

Is this going to save me time and money?

Yes and yes.

  1. Save time. Research shows that travelers spend an average of 30 hours to plan a city trip. With us, you will be ready for an amazing trip in just a few minutes.

  2. Save money. We help you avoid wasting money on places and attractions that don’t fit your interests, restaurants that don’t satisfy your personal taste, hotels that don’t suit your expectations, or other activities you won’t fully enjoy.

What if I travel with children, elderlies, people with dietary restrictions or other special needs?

No problem! We have even planned trips for families with children AND elderly parents WITH dietary restrictions. Just let us know what your needs are and we will do our best to factor that in so that you get to enjoy the best trip possible.

Can I give input on my suggested trip plan?

Of course! Once you’ve received your preview from us, you can give us feedback and we will make sure to edit your trip based on your feedback.

How do I know that the recommendations you provide are reliable?

The activities, restaurants, hotels, cafés, shops and all other recommendations come from locals and travel experts who know their cities inside out, and we carefully double-check all of these recommendations to make sure they are reliable, of high quality, and worth trying out.

Does it take long to fill in The Trip Boutique’s questionnaire?

Filling out our questionnaire will take 3 to 5 minutes, depending on how many interests you have. We have designed our questionnaire so that it covers as many interests as possible to ensure that the set of recommendations we will provide you with will truly represent you. Do you love food? We know all the restaurants that best match your taste! Are you an architecture enthusiast? We’ve got all the different styles for you to choose from! Or do you simply enjoy people watching? Let us show you the best spots to do so!

How long do I have to wait after I submit my request?

You will receive your first travel day within 12 hours after sending the request. The first travel day includes recommendations worth one day, suiting your personality. You can let us know whether you like the recommendations or not. Once you told us whether there are any changes to be made you can approve and we will send your final travel days within 48 hours.

How does the payment work?

We ask for a daily fee of €5 when you approve the preview we created for you. This covers the time we spend designing your trip plan and all changes that you request once you receive the preview, so that you can be sure to get the set of recommendations that is perfect for you.

What destinations are being offered?

Please visit our main page for a full list of our available locations!

Is it possible to request a city that you do not offer yet?

Of course! We are always open to new suggestions. On our main page, where it says “Couldn't find anything for you this time?” type in the city you’re planning to visit and leave your info. You’ll be the first to know when we launch that city!

Is The Trip Boutique the right choice for me?

The Trip Boutique is for travelers seeking an authentic and local experience. If you’re visiting Paris and you want to see the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre, to go on a bus tour or have a baguette, we are probably not right for you. Long story short - if you prefer discovering the hidden gems of a city, rather than visiting the typical touristic sights, then The Trip Boutique is perfect for you.

Do you handle hotel bookings and restaurant reservation,s too?

At the moment we are focusing on providing you with the best version of your own personalized trip plan in the shortest amount of time possible. This means we unfortunately cannot handle hotel bookings and restaurant reservations (yet). However, your set of recommendations will include the contact details and/or booking links to these places so it's very easy for you to book by yourself, for example through our affiliate partnership with Booking.com.

What if I am unhappy with the service provided by The Trip Boutique?

We stand by our service and recommendations. We offer a 100% money-back guarantee to unsatisfied customers.

Still want to contact for more information?

Leave us a comment here.