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As one of our spectacular Nordic destinations, Oslo offers visitors breathtaking and beautiful experiences regardless of their interests or chosen activities.


Norway’s capital dates back to the Viking Age, but while it may have a nearly millennium-old heritage, the Oslo of today is known for being one of Europe’s and the world’s fastest growing cities, and possesses a typically Nordic forward-thinking approach to modern life. High living standards and strong social support have resulted in the city consistently ranking among the most liveable and popular cities for both international and domestic immigration, cultivating a vibrant atmosphere of multicultural innovation and opportunity.


Its ancient Viking heritage, open-minded and expressionistic art scene, innovative Nordic cuisine, pioneering literature, and sleek avant-garde architecture are just a few of the foundations of Oslo’s well-deserved reputation as a unique and worthwhile city for visitors of all kinds, offering plenty of urban value in addition to the country’s already stunning landscapes. Experience the North; experience Oslo.

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Where to Go in Oslo

A selection of some of our favorite spots in Oslo - The best accomodations, restaurants, bars & clubs, museums and places of interests. This is a sneak peek at the kind of recommendations that you'll get with our trip planning service!


Our Favorite Neighborhoods in Oslo

As part of Oslo’s growth into a modern and trendy city, some areas have become known for their cutting-edge transformations, while others owe their status to the city’s long history. Here' a shortlist of our favorite Oslo neighborhoods:


Aker Brygge – Oslo’s newest neighborhood is the ideal place for going out, with an overwhelming array of restaurants, theaters, shops, and more situated on the transformed waterfront, formerly a shipbuilding yard that has since become a sleek, flashy symbol of the city’s upward mobility.


Grünerløkka – Known to locals simply as “Løkka”, this trendy stomping ground is a gentrified hub for the youth, with a vibrant nightlife and plenty of cool cafés and hip restaurants. Originally a worker’s district, this area is now seeing a lot of attention from young professionals and creatives.


Gamlebyen – Unmissable is, the old town itself. The Viking heart of Oslo still beats strong, with historical hotels, old-world restaurants, museums to document the nation’s long past, and the Old Town Hall itself. For an authentically Norwegian experience, this is the place. 


Karl Johans Gate – Not exactly a neighborhood in its own right but as the city’s main boulevard it deserves a mention. Here, visitors can find the blend of Oslo’s old and new worlds, with swanky shops, trendy restaurants and cafés, and original architecture all melding into a uniquely Oslovian flavor of past and present. Certainly the tourist hub of the town, but don’t let that dissuade you from seeing the main artery of this dynamic city. 

Oslo - Good to Know Before You Go

With heaps of snow in the winter and pleasantly mild temperatures in summer, Oslo is the perfect city to enjoy the seasons to their fullest. We've put together some tips and hints to help you make the most of your trip there:


What to pack – No matter what season, you should always protect your skin with sunscreen, and don’t forget your hat and sunglasses in case the sun blesses you with a visit! To experience Northern Europe’s sacred tradition of the sauna – or if you want to test the fjord’s icy waters, you might also want to pack a swimsuit, towel, and flip flops.


Oslo Pass – The Oslo Pass is a handy offer that allows visitors to navigate the city more easily, providing free public transport, free admission to museums and sights, and discounts in restaurants, sightseeing, and more. Check out the Oslo Pass website for more information.


Sauna Etiquette – Speaking of Saunas, it’s customary that sauna goers take a thorough shower before entering the steam room; a quick rinse won’t do here, wash everything with soap and rinse well until you’re sparkling clean. Regardless of whether swimsuits are allowed at your chosen sauna, it’s important that no body part ever touches the wooden benches or floor for hygiene reasons, so be sure to take a towel to cover yourself or/and the wood.


Opening hours – Opening hours can vary quite a bit in Oslo so we recommend you check each store individually but generally, most stores are closed on Sunday.

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