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In this newsletter, we continue our exploration of Northern Europe with a city destination that is celebrated for its unique architecture, green spaces, laser focus on sustainability and also regularly ranks as one of the happiest places to live in the world – Copenhagen!

Denmark’s colorful and lively capital offers a blend of modern architecture with historical Nordic roots – infused with the cozy contentment of hygge.  Scandi seekers have an endless array of experiences to indulge in  related to design, fashion, and the vibrant culinary scene. Below, we provide our selection of special finds, insider tips, and hidden gems that showcase how much the home of hygge has to offer. 


Special places we want to share with you

Interior pool with dramatic lighting at Manon Les Suites
Image by @awesometravelife

Manon Les Suites
This out-of-the-ordinary accommodation is an oasis of relaxation and tranquillity. Its architecture, especially the dramatic pool, reminds one of Marocco's famous riads   Read more...
Dining tables and chairs under a leafy canopy of green
Image by @nimbcopenhagen

Nimb Gemyse
Enjoy the luxury of dining under a leafy canopy of trees in the heart of Tivoli Gardens with a cuisine focusing on local ingredients, flavor, and artistic presentation   Read more...
Neon pink Superkilen Park
Image by @superkilenpark

Superkilen Park
This gorgeous open space is divided into three main areas – The Red Square, The Black Market, and The Green Park – so that urban life has room to prosper and unfold   Read more...
Racks of pastel dresses displayed in Stine Goya's store
Image by @stinegoyastudio

Stine Goya
At Stine Goya, customers can renew their wardrobe with printed outfits, subtle colors, classic Goya pieces as well as gold, pastel, and peach-colored goodies   Read more...


Viewing the city through the eyes of our favorite local Instagrammers
Gammel Mønt building exterior
Image by @gustav.cph

gustav.cph – Gustav is a Copenhagen based photographer and self-assigned sunset chaser. His pictures reflect a profound fascination for the dwindling sun and he’s an expert in capturing Copenhagen’s glistening facets in the ever-changing light of the golden hour.
Curving forms at Koge Nord Station
Image by @copenhagenbykat

copenhagenbykat – For striking Copenhagen street photography, Kat has you covered. Artfully showcasing the city’s mix of old-world and contemporary architecture, while also showing off the urban side of life, this Instagrammer brings the Danish capital to life with a keen eye on the beauty in everyday living.
Women poised on Copenhagen Street
Image by @koebenhavnsk

koebenhavnsk – Through his intimate urban photography, Lasse Bruhn captures the moodier side of Copenhagen with a sense of romance and nostalgia. Warm evening tones reflect a city in amber, just as night falls and the neon flickers to life. His seasonal images perfectly depict an ever-changing city in all its many guises.

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How to adopt the danish lifestyle with curly haired woman stretching luxuriously
Image by @cottonbro

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