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As our CTO, Xavier sets our technology strategy. Before becoming a team member, he first joined The Trip Boutique as a customer! Since he really liked his trip to Paris, he decided to take part in the company’s development. Although Xavier would never have thought of working in the travel industry, exploring the world has always been his passion – he even has a tattoo of all the places he lived, including Barcelona, Seattle, San Francisco, and Zurich!
Why The Trip Boutique?

Xavier believes that at The Trip Boutique we offer honest, transparent, and worthwhile recommendations, which is something that is becoming increasingly rare. In the world where influencers are paid by businesses to promote their services and products, a collection of interesting places curated without any ulterior motive is a true find!

Why personalized travel?

According to Xavier, another reason why the travel industry needs companies like The Trip Boutique is the positive effect that personalized recommendations have on sustainable tourism. Coming from Barcelona, Xavier has witnessed negative impacts of mass tourism firsthand: when great numbers of people come to the city with the single goal to see as much as possible in a short period of time, the consequences locals face often include noise, disrespect for their culture, and rent increases.

Despite this, Xavier is not against tourists; on the contrary, he thinks tourism is a source of great opportunities. He believes that when managed in the right way, the travel industry helps the local economy grow, as it provides visibility for local businesses and attracts a large customer base. Since full travel personalization distributes the tourist flow without compromising on revenues, it could be the answer to mass tourism and its negative effects on local quality of life.

Xavier’s goal

Xavier hopes that the personalized recommendations curated by The Trip Boutique could bring the soul back to Barcelona and other destinations overrun with tourists.

Xavier comes from Premià de Dalt, a small town just about 30 km from Barcelona. He spent four years in the US and now lives in Zurich, Switzerland. When he’s not working at The Trip Boutique, he enjoys running, hiking, and hanging out with friends.
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