Max Brown 7th District

This design-oriented hotel is situated in the hip 7th district of Neubau. Offering a variety of cosy yet spacious rooms, the décor is consistently clean, with muted natural tones and bold highlights, such as the signature Max Brown bright yellow bedcover. The furniture and lighting sports a retro feel, especially in the bright red or pastel blue rotary phone and record player included in each room. Downstairs, the industrial-style bar with exposed brasswork and vintage deco furniture continue this retro-chic style. The Seven North restaurant, spearheaded by acclaimed chef Eyal Shani, is also located on the ground floor of the hotel and serves as its in-house dining option – serving fresh Mediterranean cuisine in rustic style.

One of the hotel’s most special features is one of their unique meeting rooms: a wonderful art deco movie theater, complete with vintage seating, a chandelier, and gold decorative highlights. This is the perfect spot to hire for private film screenings, seating up to 30 people and featuring access to Apple TV 4K connected to the projector, and fresh popcorn from a retro-style portable popcorn machine.

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