Hotel Grand Ferdinand

The paradox of an opulent minimalism informs the Hotel Grand Ferdinand’s place at the upper-end of Vienna’s hotel landscape. Situated on the Schubertring section of the historic Viennese Ringstrasse, hotelier Florian Weitzer makes a statement with his interpretation of what a grand hotel is. Eschewing exclusivity, the hotel's philosophy is one of openness to all, whether it’s the upper echelons out to enjoy the best suite for 1500€ a night or budget travellers happy to take a bed in a shared room for only 30€ – everyone receives the same grand treatment. As such, the variety of rooms on offer tailors itself to the guest’s needs while maintaining a sense of style, where even the dorm rooms take on an elegance with their chandeliers and polished mahogany décor, more reminiscent of the Orient Express than a budget hostel. On the other end of the scale, the Grande Suite comes equipped with a free-standing bathtub and private entrance to the Grand Étage where the rooftop pool is located.

In addition to the spectrum of rooms, the Hotel Grand Ferdinand offers the so-called “Oasis”, a peaceful tropical garden that provides a soothing green space in which to relax, while the basement exercise room helps burn off the calories earned at the in-house dining options. Meissl & Schadn serves traditional Viennese cuisine with class, for that perfect Schnitzel on the Ringstrasse, while Gulasch & Söhne offers a down-to-earth homestyle menu replete with sweet treats and small plates for any time of day. Wash down a Lahner sausage with a hearty beer or sip a freshly brewed coffee with your apple strudel. Finally, the aforementioned Grand Étage itself offers a traditional Viennese parlor atmosphere with its exclusive guests-only café/bar – the best spot from which to admire the iconic rooftops of this historic city.

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