Ruby Marie

Another one of three Ruby hotels in Vienna, the Ruby Marie sports the usual design-chic décor and self-described ‘Lean Luxury’ style to perfectly suit the trendy traveller. Located only 5 minutes walk from the Westbahnhof train station – in the bohemian and creative 7th district, Neubau – this hotel mixes its 20th century soul with up-to-date amenities in every room, including smart tablets, free Wifi, and a Marshall amplifier for both music and guitar playing. Regarding the latter, free guitars are available for rent at the front desk – a boon for the musically-minded guest.

Throughout the hotel, the vintage-hip aesthetic informs the design and complements the modern minimalism of the rooms, while the Rooftop Garden bar takes on a life of its own. A spacious and colorful terrace, the bar features wooden decking, countless plants, and dozens of bean bags to form a friendly and casual atmosphere. Make yourself at home.

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