Stockholm Subway Stations

Riding the subway (or tunnelbana) in Stockholm is a truly unique experience. Since 1950 artists have worked to turn the city’s underground system into a big art installation. Out of the 100 subway stations, over 90 are decorated with sculptures, paintings, mosaics, and cave-like features. A good way to see them is to buy either a 24 hour-ticket or a single journey ticket, which is valid for 75 minutes. Tickets are available through the SL app, ticket machines and ticket booths at the stations, and Pressbyråns. Another tip is to visit them by the color of the lines. The most impressive ones are on the blue line. So, get your camera ready, watch out for the commuters and be prepared to be amazed by the artworks displayed on the walls. Here are our TOP10 stations not to be missed while in the Swedish capital: 1. Solna Centrum (Blue line) 2. Stadion (Red line) 3. Tekniska Högskolan (Red line) 4. Kungsträdgården (Blue line) 5. T-Centralen (Blue line) 6. Rådhuset (Blue line) 7. Solna Strand (Blue line) 8. Tensta (Blue Line) 9. Mörby Centrum (Red line) 10. Thorildsplan (Green line)

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