Kingdom Tower

This tower is considered one of the most important landmarks in the city of Riyadh and one of the most important skyscrapers around the world. It was opened in 2002 and was designed by the architect “Scott Perry” in collaboration with Bechtel Saudi company. The architect presented many options to Prince Alwaleed bin Talal and he chose the shape we see today to be a witness of the architectural modern art in Saudi Arabia.


The place where it is located enabled it to become a front face of the city since it was built on King Fahad Road which links the north of Riyadh to the South and one of the main streets in the area. This also enabled many residents of Riyadh to see the tower from a distance. Moreover, the variety that concerned the owners of this tower made it a tourist and an architectural attraction since it consists of many departments.


For instance, the Four Seasons Hotel which is a part of a well-known chain around the world known for its quality and luxury in the world of hospitality. Also, there are many ballrooms and exhibitions that belong to the hotel and they are considered the biggest and the most prestigious halls in Riyadh.


The tower consists of 99 floors divided among the hotel, private offices, residential apartments, and halls. The interface of the tower is glass which amounted to an area of 85 thousand square meters approximately.

The tower has a shopping centre with several floors and global brands that are not available anywhere else. This place is one of the reasons why global brands wanted to enter the Saudi market due to its prestige, quality, and beauty. There are also many places in the tower to have food or enjoy coffee.


Some restaurants were chosen to be on higher levels of the tower to allow their visitors to have a breathtaking view of Riyadh from the top. The newest addition to the tower is the “overlook” which is now the top attraction to visitors. It wasn’t easy to create a 60 meters bridge, 300 meters high during the construction process of the tower. However, it was successfully done and visitors now have a chance to have a look at Riyadh from its highest point. since it looks different during the day than the night, most people visit twice to see the different and amazing sceneries by the change of times and seasons.

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