Adam/Albin is a highly acclaimed restaurant in Stockholm, ranked #2 among all of the city's eateries. The menu is a unique fusion of Swedish and international flavors, and the chefs specialize in using high-quality, native ingredients. The restaurant boasts a relaxed, homey vibe, with communal seating and a buzzing atmosphere. Visitors rave about the attentive service and knowledgeable staff, as well as the excellent wine pairings. While it is pricey, most diners agree that Adam/Albin is well worth the cost for a world-class culinary experience. Overall, it is a must-visit for any foodie visiting Stockholm.

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This place is open during these times:

  • Sunday:
  • Monday:
    18:00 – 01:00
  • Tuesday:
    18:00 – 01:00
  • Wednesday:
    18:00 – 01:00
  • Thursday:
    18:00 – 01:00
  • Friday:
    18:00 – 01:00
  • Saturday:
    18:00 – 01:00

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Website Call: +46 8 411 55 35