Almudena Cathedral

Set on the site of a medieval mosque, the cathedral now serves as the seat of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Madrid. The aim of Madrid's first Catholic cathedral was to overwhelm the believers. Well, the aim has been achieved because the medley of architectural styles is really something exceptional. It houses many interesting paintings as well. The cathedral is also home to a museum which will guide you through the history of Almudena and where you can explore various historical artifacts, such as manuscripts and pieces of clothing. You can also visit a Neo-Romanesque crypt.

Step back in time with a guided tour of the Royal Palace of Madrid, and the Almudena Cathedral - the seat of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Madrid. Be enlightened, inspired, and enchanted by history-laden stories, legends, and anecdotes from your experienced expert, who'll leave no ancient stone unturned. Begin your tour of two of the most emblematic icons in Madrid at the Ópera metro stop, and head on to the Cathedral. Then, cross the Plaza de la Armería to see the Royal Palace. Inside, treat your eyes to the most emblematic areas in the building: the Gasparini Chamber, the Throne Room, the Hall of Mirrors, and more. Enjoy quick access to both monuments, plus in-depth anecdotes, stories, and legends from Madrid's exciting history.

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This tour will take place rain or shine. All visitors must pass through airport-style security.

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