Restaurant Razzia

The magnificent interior will astonish you as soon as you walk into this glamorous restaurant. This historic location used to be the first cinematographic theater in Zurich (opened in 1922). After an extensive refurbishment, Razzia became one of the most appreciated restaurants in the city, hosting also a romantic rear courtyard garden, a wine shop where you can choose from 300 different international and a wine bar. The cuisine offers an interesting combination of international and experimental food. Excellent meat. The perfect place for a supreme dining experience! Even after years of its reopening, the restaurant is still a hotspot in town, making reservations highly recommended. 

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Seefeldstrasse 82, Zürich

This place is open during these times:

  • Sunday:
  • Monday:
  • Tuesday:
    11:30 – 00:00
  • Wednesday:
    11:30 – 00:00
  • Thursday:
    11:30 – 00:00
  • Friday:
    11:30 – 00:00
  • Saturday:
    16:00 – 00:00

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