Casa de Campo

The Casa de Campo is an enormous park on the western side of Madrid, just about as large as the city downtown itself, and is one of Spain’s largest green spaces. It’s long history as a royal estate dates back to the 16th century, with the park having become a public space during the time of the Second Republic. Today it is a veritable Eden for athletes, nature lovers, and families alike. The park invites exploration, with numerous running and cycling trails winding through the forested areas, as well as a large lake in the southeast corner where visitors can hire a boat or go kayaking. Beyond exercising and exploring, there is ample opportunity for leisure too, with grand attractions such as the Madrid Zoo and Aquarium, a sizable amusement park, and the nearby Madrid Arena. The most impressive way to enter the park itself is via the panoramic Teleférico cable car, crossing over the Manzanares river and providing wonderful views of the park below, while Restaurants are dotted around the park for culinary recuperation after all the excitement of a day out and about in nature.

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