Canalla Bistro

The most eclectic, riskiest, and cosmopolitan restaurant by Chef Ricard Camarena (3 Michelin Stars and 3 Redsol Suns) has come to Madrid to offer a different culinary proposal, with surprising dishes in which the finest ingredients and the personal creations of the chef from Valencia stand out. Located on the First Floor of the Platea Madrid culinary space, in Calle Goya, diners will be able to savor “cuisine without rules, a melting pot of recipes to go on a journey around the world through its flavors”, in the words of Camarena. The most noteworthy dishes include the Ricard Camarena salad, the signature dish of the restaurant, with stuffed olives, chicken croquette, or the slightly spicy vegetable tempura. Not to mention the avocado cannelloni with marinated tuna and pico de gallo salad, tuna with roasted onion and tamarind juice, Korean-style parmesan sirloin steak, or a classic, home-made pastrami sandwich.

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Calle de Goya 5 Madrid

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