London Virtual

As one of Europe’s cultural melting pots, London is famous and much loved for its ancient buildings, emblematic sights, urban street art, and eclectic museums. Be it the Royal Palace, the Tate Modern, the National Theatre, or an awe-inspiring mural in one of the city’s bustling streets, London is the place where old and new, traditional and modern clash and coalesce into a thriving metropole. With this overflow of cultural highlights, it’s no wonder that the city has found its way into the hearts of millions of travellers around the globe.

Longing for England’s cosmopolitan capital, we at The Trip Boutique have curated a stay-at-home itinerary for you, including virtual museum and gallery tours as well as online platforms where music, history, and performance lovers can listen to classical music concerts, inform themselves about England’s past, and watch Shakespeare’s dramatic plays unfold on their silver screens.

Experience London today, from wherever you are and If you get inspired, feel free to take our quiz and get a complimentary custom-made itinerary designed especially for your next trip to London.

Enjoy your virtual trip now and #travellater!

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