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Juliana expands our collection of places to visit while making sure that each recommendation stays meaningful and relevant to The Trip Boutique values. In 2018, Juliana moved to Switzerland from San Francisco, which was already her ninth move! A real travel enthusiast, she lived in Brazil, the US, Spain, Chile, and Australia. During her travels, she also found her favorite cocktail – the Pomada, which you can only get in Menorca.
Why The Trip Boutique?

Juliana believes that at The Trip Boutique we enable our customers to be independent travelers. We offer transparency that is missing on all the other platforms out there as well as help you navigate through the often challenging and confusing process of planning your holiday.

Why personalized travel?

Juliana has always loved to travel – so she decided to attend high school in the US and moved there alone when she was only 14 years-old! Juliana returned to Brazil to finish her studies, but the wanderlust soon came back. Although Sao Paulo is an exciting city, she craved more diverse experiences. This is why she and her husband lived all over the world, pursuing their dream to combine work with travel.

What makes traveling so great are the memories you create. One traveling experience Juliana particularly likes to reminisce about is when she first went to Greece. The blue and white colors, the sun, the sea, and the energy of the place felt like a dream. She spent twenty days there, visiting Athens, Mykonos, Santorini, and Crete. As a Brazilian, Juliana felt connected to the local people – Brazil is very lively and so is Greece!

Juliana’s goal

Juliana joined The Trip Boutique because she wants people to make more memories of their travels, not of the planning. Researching your destinations takes a lot of time and can quickly become tiring and frustrating. Fortunately, The Trip Boutique efficiently cuts through the noise of the information overload so that travelers can focus on enjoying their trip.

Juliana was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, where she studied Business and Hospitality Management. She is also a current Executive MBA Candidate. When she is not at The Trip Boutique scaling up the supply of interesting places, she enjoys hiking with her dog Merlot and surfing.


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