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Software Engineer

Igor is our software engineer and tech lead - and our most adventurous team member. What he seeks during his travels is the adrenaline rush – whether it’s diving in the Red Sea, quad-biking in the Sahara, horse riding through the Carpathians, or ziplining over the Dnieper. Even in the city, Igor looks for adventures: in Vienna, for instance, he loved visiting Prater – the world’s oldest amusement park.
Why The Trip Boutique?

Igor believes that at The Trip Boutique we make people’s lives easier. In his opinion, the biggest advantage of personalized travel is that our customers don’t waste their time doing things that might be super hyped but are in the end not their cup of tea. In other words, Igor hopes that our algorithms – together with our local expertise – will make not only holiday planning but also holidays themselves more efficient!

Why travel?

Traveling does not necessarily mean going abroad: Igor, who lives in Kiev, also enjoys exploring his home country – it’s the ideal opportunity to connect more with his origins! On the weekends, he likes to take a stroll through the capital, admiring its many beautiful churches – St Sophia’s Cathedral, St Volodymyr’s Cathedral, and St Michael’s Golden-Domed Monastery – or ride his bike in one of his favorite parks – the Feofaniya park, Holosiivskyi National Nature Park, and the M. M. Gryshko National Botanic Garden. For longer holidays, he opts for the Black Sea or the Ukrainian Carpathians: in the fall, he either quad bikes or horse rides through the mountains and, as soon as the snow falls, he and his family go skiing. Overall, Ukraine offers so many great places that Igor can travel without even crossing the border!

Why inland tourism?

As someone who values inland tourism, Igor hopes that The Trip Boutique will help match not only foreign visitors but also locals with interesting places and activities. Traveling without leaving your country has many advantages: it is usually more affordable, sustainable, and a great opportunity to discover more about yourself and your origins!

Igor’s goal

The most satisfying part of his job, says Igor, is to see his software developments on the production side. Having The Trip Boutique's customers interacting with what he designed and implemented and benefit from it is what makes his job so rewarding and interesting.

Igor grew up in Zdolbuniv, Ukraine, but now lives in Kiev with his wife and son. When he is not working at The Trip Boutique, he enjoys the great outdoors, barbequing, and spending time with his family.


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