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Content and Communication

Denisa writes content and great stories for our website and blog. When she was 14 years old, she moved from the Czech Republic to Switzerland – because she did not speak any of the four official languages at first, but still wanted to share her stories with others, she decided to start writing in English! Ever since then, she enjoys the English language and its ability to connect people from all over the world.
Why The Trip Boutique?

Denisa believes that at The Trip Boutique we do not promote just one specific form of travel but rather value individual differences and preferences of each traveler. Although we do focus on local and authentic experiences, Denisa hopes that we can create an environment where all types of travel are perceived as equal – be it a relaxing vacation, an adventure-filled holiday, or a learning-oriented trip.

Why travel?

Denisa herself prefers to approach travel as a time to relax and think. Since both her job as a content creator and her passion for fiction require her to be creative, she sees traveling as an ideal opportunity to plot new storylines, shape original characters, and gain a fresh perspective on life. Denisa believes that to be a writer, she needs to spend enough time just observing the world.

Sometimes, though, getting inspired demands that she ventures out of her comfort zone. That’s why she once signed up for a three-hour long tour on horseback in Sardinia – without any previous riding experience! Since the horse followed a narrow path up the island’s many rocky hills, this proved to be quite adventurous – and painful. But even though she ended up with some impressive bruising from the saddle, she did not regret the adventure: after all, it resulted in new stories to tell.

Denisa’s goal

Denisa joined The Trip Boutique because she wants to inspire others to get out there and explore their destinations in unique ways. Her goal is to ensure that instead of following other people’s narratives, travelers have their own stories to tell.

Denisa was born in the Czech Republic but lives in Switzerland where she studies English Language and Literature at the University of Zurich. When she is not working on developing content for The Trip Boutique, she enjoys writing short stories and reading.


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