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Marketing and Business Development

Annika makes sure that all our customers receive a high-quality service. She has just come back from a student exchange in Paris where she lived like a true Parisian for nine months: a croissant every morning was a must! Her goal now is to share her passion for meaningful, enriching, and authentic city experiences with The Trip Boutique customers. As a foodie, she likes to spend most of her money on the local cuisine when on the road. Escargots, anyone?
Why The Trip Boutique?

Annika believes that at The Trip Boutique we help travelers move away from the standard, mass tourism options towards more meaningful forms of exploring their chosen destination. Already when she was a kid, her parents showed her that to travel means to immerse oneself in the local culture, not just pass through. Instead of checking into soulless hotels, Annika believes that staying with the locals is one of the best ways to truly experience the lesser known and authentic corners of the countries she visits!

Why travel?

Once she turned 20, Annika finally set out on her own solo journey through South East Asia. Everywhere she went – Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam, Thailand, and Cambodia – the people were super nice and open. The craziest memory she has of that trip is when she traveled on the top of a packed bus to a Burmese local festival somewhere in the mountains. There was only a small railing to hold onto so that ride was pretty adventurous.

She says she has always “suffered” from wanderlust – at summer camps, Annika was never the kid who couldn’t wait to get home! This is also why she decided to study in Paris for nine months. Thanks to that experience, Annika has now seen a completely different side of the city than most people do: for example, she visited many young, trendy neighborhoods that tourists never have the chance to discover.

Annika’s goal

As part of The Trip Boutique Annika hopes to help others explore the hidden parts of their destination!

Annika is a Danish and Swiss citizen and studies International Management at the ZHAW in Winterthur. When she is not working at The Trip Boutique, she enjoys spending time outdoors, especially by the many beautiful lakes and rivers Switzerland has to offer.


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